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I ordered my first kitnip box for my 3 wonderful cats, but especially for my beautiful Latte who loves toys and playing with them. When I got the box I opened up two of the toys. One was a stuffed cat who had a pocket you put catnip in, and the other a 'teaser wand' which is a wand, with a bungie cord on it and at the end of the bungie cord are hanging streamers. Somehow my Latte got a hold of this wand later on in the day and ate all the streamers off. I immediately took him to his vet where I was told (by xrays) that indeed he had swallowed all of these streamers and needed to be operated on, or it would cause a blockage in the intestines. He did not make it.

Before I allowed this box in my home I had a beautiful, sweet, HEALTHY 8 year old cat that I had watched come into this world. Now my Latte is dead. This toy needs to be taken off the market. ANYONE who has this toy in their home should be notified by both kitnipbox.com and ethicalpet.com that this toy caused the death of my beautiful Latte.

Putting ''Supervision Is Necessary'' on this type of product does NO good. If by some chance your cat gets it and you don't happen to see it, death could be the result. They want you to supervise toys for children also, but they sure don't make anything where if the child grabs it and the parent doesn't see it death is the result.

This toy should be taken out of all boxes. ALL customers who received this toy should be notified that the love of my life, Latte was killed by eating these streamers. The company who makes this toy, ethicalpet.com should remove this product from the website, and also inform ANYONE who has ordered it in the past that this toy caused the brutal death of my friend. Never mind your pathetic 'Supervision' warning on the back. That only covers you from lawsuits, it doesn't cover pet owners for death.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of tons of guilt i feel from the death of my gorgeous latte. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "my beautiful cat, my dearest latte, died from eating a toy out of kitnipbox.com " of ethical pet teaser wand and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1200. KitNipBox needs to "remove this product from all future boxes. notify all customers who have previously received this toy that my beautiful latte is dead because of it" according to poster's claims.

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Hoboken, New Jersey, United States #1335213

how do i cancel kitnip monthly box

to mary fitzgibbons #1345877

Just guessing but contact the company and tell them you want to cancel.

Methuen, Massachusetts, United States #1329011

Molly, I'm so very, very sorry for your loss of s beautiful companion.But because of you, I went around tonight and made sure all my cat dancers were out of reach.

You did nothing wrong.Don't let bullies ever tell you otherwise.

to Anonymous Henderson, Nevada, United States #1329125

Thank you for your kind words.You have no idea how much I appreciate them.

I purchased these toys because I love my cats so very much.

Thank you again, for being a nice person.Not a lot of those left around.

Henderson, Nevada, United States #1261726

Do you really think I would ever let mylar in my house ever again?Mylar is nothing but thick tinsel.

And it's very dangerous for cats. In the little over a year that I have lost my beautiful Latte I have heard many stories about cats who had to have surgery, and some even died, after consuming mylar.

Great way to say ''I'm sorry, but hey, it's your fault.''

And I most certainly CAN blame the company since on it's site it says that Safety is their #1 priority and all toys are thoroughly examined and tested. Which is a lie.

They're really trying to tell me 7 ''pet experts'' looked at thick tinsel and thought ''Great cat toy!'' They send out cheap *** and if you're very lucky at the least it will make your cat sick.

to MollyCS #1285709

Especially if these toys have the smell of catnip on them, they will be more appealing to eat than normal.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1261552

wow.I'm really sorry that you lost your cat, but you can't hold the company responsible for that.

I have four cats and I never leave their teasers out.

I read an article where someone's cat self strangulated on a teaser that was left out....All I can say is that I hope you will no longer leave your cats unsupervised with this type of toy.

Longview, Texas, United States #1231837

I posted with my real name and I see internet bullying is alive and well.

Longview, Texas, United States #1231836

What is wrong with you? Does it give you pleasure to hurt someone who is obviously in pain? That's a sign of being mentally imbalanced and you might want to seek a therapist about that.

Longview, Texas, United States #1231834

I'm very sorry for your loss.Four years ago I lost a beautiful 10 year old boy when he ate part of a plastic bag my Grandson left on the floor.

He choked on it and I found him dead. It was devastating. You cannot watch your animals all the time nor should you as it would make you a super paranoid person. You sound like a very loving pet owner and your cat was very beautiful.

I hope you find some peace.I still miss my Dobbie very much.

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